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Welcome to Win Crafty! I made this site after doing several months of giveaways on another blog. I was frustrated by the places I could list my giveaways to drive traffic to them... none of them catered specifically to handmade items, and sometimes my giveaways got ignored in favor of mom-specific items such as vaccuum cleaners and what not.

I wanted to create an online listing of handmade giveaways, both for people interested in discovering new crafters and their blogs, and winning free stuff, and for crafty bloggers to list their free stuff, to drive more traffic to their blogs.

I understand the kind of elbow grease it takes to craft, maintain an online business, and a blog. If I can help fellow crafters locate one another with this service, and increase traffic to independent artsists, then I am doing something worthy with my time!


I like treasure. I like to write. I like to read. I like to be swashbuckly. I like to help independent artsists grow their businesses via my little blog.